Conrad Bora Bora

The vacation spot where I have always wanted to go was Conrad Bora Bora. Looking at this personal blog was very catchy. The pictures she posted caught my eye right away. When I was a little girl I have always seen pictures on the interest of Bora Bora and have always thought that the water was so bright and clear. I always thought that it was one edited picture but from people posts, it looks so beautiful.

This blog talks about how her experience was when she was there. She talks about how it was amazing sleeping under the stars and laying in the hammock outside made the perfect bed. The rooms have to surround sound speakers inside and outside the walls which would be amazing for when you are hanging with friends or even going for a swim or tanning. Bora Bora may be a very expensive place to stay at, especially wanting to be in the villages. I personally think that the cost would be worth it. There are so many things you are able to do there. You can go paddle boarding, snorkeling, kayaking, bicycle boat, etc. You are always being occupied and spending it at a beautiful resort. The blog states that the food is pricey but think that you are not near any shopping mall so no spending money on clothes all goes to an amazing relaxing day on the water. Bora Bora is on a lot of people bucket lists. It is a great place for you and your husband. I would say it isn’t the best place to bring kids. Kids do love paddle boarding and snorkeling and swimming but the resort I would say it a place to be more alone and relaxed. It is also crazy to think that everything you are doing is over the water. When you get off the plane it is a 20 minute boat ride to Conrad. Which a boat ride would be so much more better than a car ride.

When you want to go on land there is tennis court, volleyball, ping pong, mini golf. There are so many activities on land for more young ages but the best part of being on vacation is to lay next to the ocean and bath in the sun. So most adults would want to spend most there time over the water relaxing which is hard if you are having to bring your kids over to land to do activities and can’t enjoy laying in the water. Most vacations being spend with family are on a beach or at a resort. I think Bora Bora would unique with the villages and just the water and view would be amazing to wake up to. Sleeping on top of water and waking up to waves and a sunset/sunrise. So many pros to picking this as a vacation spot and reading The Blonde Abroad helped me understand more about the place. The visual pictures helped me get more of a feel of a resort I would be interested in.


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