Jamaica is one of the most amazing places I have ever been to. The first time I ever went to Jamaica was when I was 9. It is a great place to bring and adults. The first time I went we stayed at an all inclusive. Inclusive’s are more for little kids so you are protected and don’t have to pay for the food you order or drinks it is all unlimited. Since I have gotten older we stay at a resort that is not all inclusive and my parents have been staying there the past 20 years. It is located in Negril and is called Cocolapalm. It is right on the beach and has a pool in the middle of the resort and a hot tub. There is a bar where you are able to get food at which is right on the beach. During the day we are usually laying out in the sun and they have paddle boarding and always something going on. When it starts to get dark out we usually walk the beach and there are gift shops along the side where you can buy bracelets or t-shirts etc. The temperature there is usually around 90 degrees and can even get hotter. The humidity in Jamaica is so high that is one reason why people do not like to come there. The color of the ocean is bright blue with palm trees every where and always is warm. The sunset is so gorgeous to walk the beach on around 6 and just enjoy a relaxing vacation.

Driving in Jamaica is a lot different than America. There driving is on opposite sides of the road and the driver sits on the right side. Also another funny fact is to call for emergency the number is 119 instead of 911 it is all flipped around. Things there are very different. So when we land at the airport we have a guy named Carol who we are really good friends with drive us to the resort and just hang with him for a while. He has known my family since 1998 so he is very well trusted. He has a daughter and a nephew that we brought to school one time and it was very neat seeing what there high schools look like and what they wear. The language they speak is called Patois. It is an English based creole language with West African. Jamaican’s are very nice people. They are good with welcoming you to there country because they want you to come back. The security guards at the resort are very protective with the randoms walking alone the beach selling stuff. They love hearing about now much snow we have in Minnesota and they wish that they could go snow boarding which is really funny. The first time my parents ever went to Jamaica they never wanted to go somewhere else. It is a place that once you go you do not want to switch it up. We also go in a group of about 25 people so it is fun to hang with family and friends.





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