Dominican Republic

If you are wanting to have an epic island road trip then this blog would be a great one to read into. This blog talks about jessie’s journey to the Dominican Republic. Punta Cana is the most popular resort to stay at. It is a beautiful beachfront resort with an amazing view to look outside your window. Around 6 am is when sunrise is beginning and the sky is a beautiful orangish and neon yellow color. Most people love to have a room right not he beach so they can hear the waves in the morning and see the view when they walk up.

If you are an adventures and love nature then this place would be a great place to visit. You can go hiking but you will need water shoes because your feet will get really wet an there are waterfalls that you are able to stop at and take a picture of. As well as giant rich formations that create natural arches and slides for fun dip in the water. There are tons of wildlife to explore as well. They have bats, crabs, pelicans, flamingos, frigates, iguanas,  rhinoceros, etc. The view is amazing up in the mountains if you go hiking or take a drive up there you are able to see the whole ocean and take pictures of the view. Snorkeling would be fun to do in the water because it is so clear and crystal blue so you are able to see a far distance under water and see all the wildlife and sea animals.

People all over some to the Dominican to be on the amazing beaches. The Dominican is known for being called the endless summer because the weather is about 77 degrees Fahrenheit all year around. Dominican is located where hurricanes occur during the seasons from beginning of June to end of November. I would prefer to take a trip to the Dominican during December-February would be a great time because it is still cold in Minnesota. The humidity is very hot during the night time but temperature can go down to 72 degrees. The average high temperature averages around 90 degrees during summer from May-October which can get very hot with humidity as well. During night late night beach walks would be fun because the temperature is still warm and you are able to go see the beach at night and relax in the cool weather.

The smoothies, wine, food and more are amazing. They have watermelon smoothies, herb-infused goat cheese, croquettes, shredded chicken, with so much more tasty things to eat and drink. Dominican Republic would be a great trip with friends or your husband just to relax. Go out and have fun with your friends adventure a new country and see what it is like to try new foods. It is also needed though to just relax on the beach and soak up the hot sun. Vacations are mostly spent to relax and not worry about things going on at home and the Dominican would be a great place to enjoy life for a while.

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