California I visited when I was younger. I went with my family and some of my family friends. I did a lot of laying out on the beach and did some surfing. I love to surf and just go out in the ocean. When I was first taught how to surf by my uncle who lives in South Carolina I was very frustrated because I couldn’t ever stay up on my board and also falling into the water and getting salt all in my mouth. After a couple of tries I was starting to finally get it. Then once you have it down you feel comfortable it. I was surfing in California a lot and and just relaxing on the beach.

The food in California is not to much different than Minnesota just there seafood is obviously more fresh and tastes amazing. California is all about celebrities I feel. I think that if you are going to go to California you will most likely see someone who is famous walking around, but there it isn’t a big deal if you see one because you see them all the time if you live there. One of my friends met a famous person they were following off of Instagram and took a picture with them but it is like there just all around there. California is a very wealthy state. If you want to live there you most likely better be making good money. That is why most famous people live there but they are up in the gated communities. California has beautiful beaches and the weather is great but not as great as some other places. Cali is all about looking good there and dressing very classy. I was younger when I went so I didn’t really care to much about what I looked like. While my family and I was out I noticed that I was way under dressed than a lot of people who were eating or just walking down the street. When I was in Jamaica nobody was ever dressed up. Most people just had shorts and a shirt on but Jamaica is also a very poor country but I just never felt like I needed to look good when I was there. Opposite was for Cali I just wasn’t used to that type of lifestyle and what people could afford there.

If you are looking to just go on vacation for weather or to be on the beach Cali would be good but I would rather go out of US and try to go for a different country. I will admit that Cali is a very popular state and is beautiful with a lot of fun and adventures things to do there but if you are looking for hiking I don’t think California would be the place for that. I think if you are looking to go shopping or go to night clubs with a bunch of friends and want to go someone different than the state you live in than Cali would be the place for that.

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