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Visiting Brian’s blog I noticed he talks a lot about Kpop. Kpop is also known as Korean Pop.  Brian’s blog is well organized and easy to understand where to go to find his blogs. Brian talks about Kpop vs regular pop, his favorite Kpop groups, why people dislike Kpop, recommendations for Kpop, etc.

Brian talks about Kpop’s difference from normal pop. Normal pop has a thing where once  a song goes big then many other artists try to make a spin off the song. Kpop has a lot of different styles of music that goes with the concept of the group. Kpop they incorporate many different styles of music rather than just sticking to hip hop where some try to do either hip hop or R&B, some do rock and so on.

Brian’s favorite boy groups as of now has to go to BTS in third because they’ve been his favorite for some times now where he listens to them to much so getting a little sick of it. For his second favorite Kpop boy group has to be NCT 127. NCT U for him would be his second of the 3 subunits. NCT DREAM he cannot get into because he does not like male cutesy concepts. His first of those 3 is NCT 127. His favorite girl group has to be EXID. His second favorite is MAMAMOO. MAMAMOO is one of the most powerful Kpop group to exist.

Brian asked some people why they may dislike Kpop and they said “it is disgusting”. Another reason people don’t like Kpop is because it is childish and or at least thought so.

Kpop’s impact on Brian is that he has been listening to it for 6+ years and a lot has changed in him since. Kpop has shaped him into who he is today. Kpop is his inspirations for his outfits. When he looked at his outfits from when he was younger to now he noticed his style has changed significantly.  Kpop has helped him through tough times and some bonding with friends. He found a friend that also liked listening to Kpop as well and they became really good friends. One reason that he really enjoys Kpop is that is has helped him though bad days, tough times, sad days etc. When he is bored he listens to Kpop to ease is boredom. Kpop keeps him occupied all the time when he is just sitting home not doing anything. Kpop overall has really just shaped him into who he is today. Some of which he is proud of and some of which he has probably seen better days.

Mostly reading Brian’s blog I notice in him that he knows a lot about Kpop and listens to it a lot throughout his life time. I have never listened to Kpop I have always been interested in hip hop or rap more stuff like that because I really like the up beat music and  most of my friends as well listen to the same music as me. I have never met a person who listens to Kpop or even knew what Kpop was but I learned something new today and wouldn’t mind listening to some Kpop to see what it is like.

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