Calvin’s Blog

Calvin only had a couple of posts for his final but not to many. While I was scrolling through Calvin’s blog it looks like he talks about Acquinime. Was created by combining his Cambodian name and anime. He expresses his personal thoughts about anime and he talks about this in case anyone else is interested in this topic. He talks about how in his final project he is not trying to accomplish anything. He just wants to give out his honest opinion and guide the audience about why he chose to make his blog about anime and his common interests about it.

Calvin talks about how they host special events around the world, for example Los Angeles that have events called “Comic Con”. Where people dress up as there favorite characters and interact with others who share same interests. Anime is worldwide and has been popular for decades.

One of Calvin’s all time favorite anime show is One Punch Man. This is a heroes story and involves failure. The main character in the show is Saitama which is known as the “One Punch Man”. Saitama has always wanted to help the world and always wants to do something that is fun and that is what he always did. Calvin’s thoughts on this show is that knowing what Saitama’s thoughts and beliefs are made Calvin think about his. It had brought his self into consider that in order to be what you want it would need training and heart. Himself and the creator have a personal interest of strength and hope.

Another one of Calvin’s favorite anime shows is called Hunter X Hunter. This show is about a young man named Gon Freecss with a big dream. His dream is to be just like his father which is a hunter. All of the characters have very unique strengths and powers that entertain Calvin. He always likes the action, thrills and adventuring shows and movies or even books. Calvin says that strength and knowledge is his favorite mix of powers. Hunter X Hunter is a show that actually plays a role in Calvin’s childhood and fantasy.

Lastly another one of Calvin’s shows is called My Hero Academia. This show is on a man named Izuku Midoriya with no special quirk/ powers, but he is one of many to be handed down or given a power all wish to have. Calvin’s thoughts on this show is that something you strive to even have the slightest belief in is an important part in your life whether good or bad. He believes that if there is something you have always wanted your entire life he suggest you go for it because you may or may not be given a second chance.

Me personally had no clue what any of this was about when I first opened his blog. I dint even know how to correctly say the title of his final posts. It is interesting though to read about it and how much knowledge Calvin has on all these shows and characters.

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