If you are interested in traveling to Guatemala, then this blog would be a great one to read and look more into. While scrolling down on this blog it gives a lot of information to know before you go travel.

It talks about that if you are a vegetarian and wanting to travel to Guatemala it would be a very boring travel for you. Personally I don’t really eat any meat except chicken, so this reading that kinda just made me a little bummed. Rice and beans would mostly be what you are able to eat then. Meals are complemented with plantains and avocados and they will substitute eggs instead of meat if you ask.

Visiting Guatemala can be done year-round. Dry season is high season and occurs from October through April. Wet season usually just has a couple hours of rain each day but is still very lovely, mostly because there are fewer people. During the wet season the temperature usually stays around 72 degrees across the country. The coastal regions and the northeast are always hot with an average temperature of 68 degrees to 99 degrees. Guatemala is not to high nor to cold. It is just the perfect temperature most of the time. The busiest time of the year for tourism is between December and May when the dry season and festivals mean that you should book more in advance.

A very big con to Guatemala is that it is one of the most non safe areas of Central America. Mostly because of the drugs routes northward. Like many places in the region, night travel has higher risk factors. When you are exercising or out for a daily run make sure that you stay on the tourist route. You would have to be in the wrong place at the wrong time to experience more than petty crime. Anything can happen on the road.

Transportation in Guatemala you will likely use a combination of chicken buses and shuttle buses. It is very easy to book shuttles buses to and from every city. The transportation is the most dangerous aspect of traveling because the drivers hug corners and drive way faster what us Americans are used to. If riding on chicken buses, make sure you always keep your purse on your lap never put it above you in the buses. Your bigger bag may have to go above or below the bus, but it is worth asking if you can take it on with you. Sometimes they let you shove it under your feet and you can relax a bit more knowing that your bag is safe. Also do not fall asleep on buses mostly because, you will get robbed if it is easy to do so. This is the same for pickpocketing, walking in dark alleys late at night, etc.

Guatemala would probably not be the best place to take your children. If you are an adult going with other older adults or friends then that would be a more wiser decision. Just always make sure you are traveling to the safe places in Guatemala and watching out for your belongings.

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