New Zealand

New Zealand would be an amazing place to visit for me. When I was in South Carolina my uncle has a guy who is from New Zealand that he trains and I talked to him a little about what it is like down there. He told me it is a very beautiful place to visit and to adventure out there as well. While he was talking to me he had a very pretty accent. I was able to understand what he was saying just the way he said some things was a little different but very interesting.

New Zealand has a largely temperature climate. The warmest months are December, January and February. The coldest months are June, July and August. In the summer a light jacket or sweater should be included in your luggage. You can expect some rain when you visit, so include a light waterproof jacket or coat.

Fun things to do in New Zealand is go skiing, bunch of water activities, hiking, lay on the beaches, snorkel, tubing, stargazing, sports, etc. New Zealand is more of a place where people are very active. Instead of laying on the beach all day people love to go hike through the mountains and take a boat ride on the water and just always staying active. Make sure when you are traveling to New Zealand you pack a lot of extra clothes, because most of the stuff you will be doing you will end up getting wet or dirty so just have a bunch of extra things to put on.

A really pretty beach in New Zealand is called the Tolaga Bay. It is a small town on the East Coast. There is a bar at the river mouth with around 2 meters of water at high tide. A lot of people love to go to Tolaga just to see the beautiful sunset at night. The sunset can be a purplish, pinkish with just a beautiful ocean view in the background. The water is a very green, blue color and is shallow. You are able to walk for out on the beach without going underwater. Make sure that you wear water shoes though because there are sharp rocks that you can cut your foot on.

I would love to go to New Zealand because it is just very far from America. It it can take about a 13 hour flight so make sure that you got pills to make you go right to bed so you do not have to suffer on the plane. I would just love to see the culture there and the types of foods they eat. New Zealand is close to Australia so that would be very cool knowing that you are close to another continent. New Zealand I feel is not a very common place that people traveling to, so I think that it would be amazing to see things that nobody else has ever seen and just try a new place and not do what a lot of other people do. I do not think that I would want to stay there for a long time but maybe 5 days would be a good time amount spent there.

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