The Bahamas would be a place that I would be interested in visiting. The blog I chose  talks about 7 amazing thing to do while in the Bahamas. The Bahamas seem like a great place to go with a bunch of friends.

They do a lot of cruises out there so if you like to explore new things and new islands a cruise would be a good choice for you. Instead of staying on the same island for your whole trip you can go hop from island to island. Bahamas are known for there beaches. They have people travel around the globe to just come and be on the beach and see the clear beautiful blue water. If you enjoy wildlife then Bahamas is a great place for that. Snorkeling is very popular there because the underwater life is amazing and the water is so clear you are able to see far distance and look at all the amazing wildlife underwater. A very popular thing to do in the Bahamas is swimming with the dolphins. They tam and train there dolphins very well so that would be a good choice to do if you ever brought your kids out there. The article also talks about swimming with the pigs. They have dozens of paddling pigs in the water if you look over the side of the boat. You are able to play with them if you bring them food and I think that would be a fun experience.

The travel blog I picked doesn’t really talk about how the food is there or the service. My mom has been to the Bahamas before and she has told me that the food is amazing but one thing she hates there is the ketchup. They have amazing rice and seafood because it comes straight from the sea. There lobster is very good and crab because they make it all fresh it is straight from the sea and doesn’t just sit there for a week. Everything there is pretty much vacation worthy. They want people to come back again to visit there resort or to get a tip from the people visiting, so they are very generous and committing to putting you first to make you have a great time and love being in the Bahamas. When you go on vacation most people love to go and enjoy the weather and the beach and relax. Some other people love to just go to be adventures and see new animals or eat new food maybe to go and visit friends. I think that there are some vacationing spots where you are able to do it all. In the Bahamas you are able to enjoy the amazing beach and ocean and food, but you can also go snorkeling and look at wildlife or even get a taxi somewhere so you are able to venture out and try new spots and see new things. Bahamas sounds like a place I would love to go and the blog that I visiting for this post showed me a lot of activities to do and the pictures also made me wanna go as soon as possible. 







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