Costa Rica

Costa Rica would be a place I would be very interested in traveling to. Rica is known for its beaches, volcano’s, and biodiversity. Roughly a quarter of its area is made up of protected jungle and teeming with wildlife including spiders, monkeys and quetzal birds.

Costa Rica has an average temperature of 70 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to its proximity to the equator, it has no real summer or winter. It does however have a rainy season from May to November. The best time to visit Costa Rica is from mid-December to April (the dry season). The dry season is the most popular time to visit. April is the hottest month in Costa Rica with an average temperature of 82 degrees. The coldest month is January with an average temperature of 79 degrees. When it rains in Costa Rica it can come down really hard but it usually does not last for too long. A typical day in the rainy season starts off beautiful and sunny, with clouds starting to build, and then heavy rain or thunderstorms come in the late afternoon or evening.

Costa Rica has a bunch of fun activities to do with friends and family as well. Visit amazing waterfalls, zip-lining, white water rafting, visit, horseback riding, sunset sailing cruise, snorkeling or scuba diving, massage on the beach, surfing, beach hop, water slides in the middle of the jungle, paddle boarding and so much more. This would be a good vacation to bring your children on. Go do a bunch of fun activities and make memories with your family.

Very popular foods in Costa Rica is this breakfast bowl called Gallo Pinto It is made with rice, beans, some onions and peppers. Another famous food is this dish called Casado. It consist of rice, beans, salad, tortillas, french fries and your choice of meat. A famous dessert that is is eaten in Costa Rica is called Arroz con Leche. It is rice mixed with milk but it taste way better than what it sounds like. The recipe also calls for sugar, salt, lemon zest, and cinnamon sticks. Costa Rica is also well known for its gourmet coffee beans with the famous Tarrazu considered among the most finest beans in the world.

Costa Rica is considered one of the safest countries in Central America. Costa Rica is still a Third World country, meaning the poor far outnumber the middle class and rich. The legacy of decades of deforestation is often cited as one of the main environmental issues facing Costa Rica. I think if you want to go to Costa Rica you have to plan to go at the right month. It would suck if you traveled there with your whole family and it rained the whole time. It is also hard to find time that works for your whole families schedules. I would recommend going in mid-December over Christmas break. That is when it is the dry season there and it is the hottest for the temperature. Christmas break always a good time to travel with the family.

New Zealand

New Zealand would be an amazing place to visit for me. When I was in South Carolina my uncle has a guy who is from New Zealand that he trains and I talked to him a little about what it is like down there. He told me it is a very beautiful place to visit and to adventure out there as well. While he was talking to me he had a very pretty accent. I was able to understand what he was saying just the way he said some things was a little different but very interesting.

New Zealand has a largely temperature climate. The warmest months are December, January and February. The coldest months are June, July and August. In the summer a light jacket or sweater should be included in your luggage. You can expect some rain when you visit, so include a light waterproof jacket or coat.

Fun things to do in New Zealand is go skiing, bunch of water activities, hiking, lay on the beaches, snorkel, tubing, stargazing, sports, etc. New Zealand is more of a place where people are very active. Instead of laying on the beach all day people love to go hike through the mountains and take a boat ride on the water and just always staying active. Make sure when you are traveling to New Zealand you pack a lot of extra clothes, because most of the stuff you will be doing you will end up getting wet or dirty so just have a bunch of extra things to put on.

A really pretty beach in New Zealand is called the Tolaga Bay. It is a small town on the East Coast. There is a bar at the river mouth with around 2 meters of water at high tide. A lot of people love to go to Tolaga just to see the beautiful sunset at night. The sunset can be a purplish, pinkish with just a beautiful ocean view in the background. The water is a very green, blue color and is shallow. You are able to walk for out on the beach without going underwater. Make sure that you wear water shoes though because there are sharp rocks that you can cut your foot on.

I would love to go to New Zealand because it is just very far from America. It it can take about a 13 hour flight so make sure that you got pills to make you go right to bed so you do not have to suffer on the plane. I would just love to see the culture there and the types of foods they eat. New Zealand is close to Australia so that would be very cool knowing that you are close to another continent. New Zealand I feel is not a very common place that people traveling to, so I think that it would be amazing to see things that nobody else has ever seen and just try a new place and not do what a lot of other people do. I do not think that I would want to stay there for a long time but maybe 5 days would be a good time amount spent there.


If you are interested in traveling to Guatemala, then this blog would be a great one to read and look more into. While scrolling down on this blog it gives a lot of information to know before you go travel.

It talks about that if you are a vegetarian and wanting to travel to Guatemala it would be a very boring travel for you. Personally I don’t really eat any meat except chicken, so this reading that kinda just made me a little bummed. Rice and beans would mostly be what you are able to eat then. Meals are complemented with plantains and avocados and they will substitute eggs instead of meat if you ask.

Visiting Guatemala can be done year-round. Dry season is high season and occurs from October through April. Wet season usually just has a couple hours of rain each day but is still very lovely, mostly because there are fewer people. During the wet season the temperature usually stays around 72 degrees across the country. The coastal regions and the northeast are always hot with an average temperature of 68 degrees to 99 degrees. Guatemala is not to high nor to cold. It is just the perfect temperature most of the time. The busiest time of the year for tourism is between December and May when the dry season and festivals mean that you should book more in advance.

A very big con to Guatemala is that it is one of the most non safe areas of Central America. Mostly because of the drugs routes northward. Like many places in the region, night travel has higher risk factors. When you are exercising or out for a daily run make sure that you stay on the tourist route. You would have to be in the wrong place at the wrong time to experience more than petty crime. Anything can happen on the road.

Transportation in Guatemala you will likely use a combination of chicken buses and shuttle buses. It is very easy to book shuttles buses to and from every city. The transportation is the most dangerous aspect of traveling because the drivers hug corners and drive way faster what us Americans are used to. If riding on chicken buses, make sure you always keep your purse on your lap never put it above you in the buses. Your bigger bag may have to go above or below the bus, but it is worth asking if you can take it on with you. Sometimes they let you shove it under your feet and you can relax a bit more knowing that your bag is safe. Also do not fall asleep on buses mostly because, you will get robbed if it is easy to do so. This is the same for pickpocketing, walking in dark alleys late at night, etc.

Guatemala would probably not be the best place to take your children. If you are an adult going with other older adults or friends then that would be a more wiser decision. Just always make sure you are traveling to the safe places in Guatemala and watching out for your belongings.


Belize would be another amazing place I would like to visit. I have a friend who has a house in Belize and they stay there every year right on the beach. The pictures that I have seen from her being there just looked amazing. They have huts on the water and the view just looked so beautiful.

Belize is located in Central America and it is bordered to the north by Mexico, to the south and west by Guatemala and to the east by the Caribbean Sea. Belize is a diverse country with various cultures and languages. They also have the lowest population density in Central America with 35 people per square mile or 14 people per square kilometer.

Belize is known for its scuba diving sites. The Blue Hole, one of the worlds most popular sinkhole, it is a famous dive spot. Belize’s jungle is known for wild cats, m including jaguars and ocelots. Rice and beans is no doubt the most abundant meal in Belize. Stew Chicken is another dish that arrives on the table without even asking.

Belize has amazing crystal blue waters that people come and lay on the beach to look at. People in Belize speak English, but do not be surprised if you hear some German, French,  and do not be surprised if you hear some Chinese spoken throughout your visit. Belize people make you feel very welcomed when you arrive and very comparable like no where else you have been.

One of the nicest things about visiting Belize is the weather. Has an average yearly temperature of 84° F, it is always warm, yet comfortable. Costal sea breezes as well as the jungle and rainforests keeps you cool even in the hottest summer months while winters can be cool but never very cold. The climate is pretty much near perfect. Even in winter November-March the temperature in Belize rarely falls below 60°F. The summers May-September is around 86°F. Humidity is also fairly consistent at around 85 percent.
Belize’s dry season is between February and May. When it does rain, it is usually in mild, short periods. June through December is there wet season. The most frequent rainfall usually happens in June or early July and is punctuated by a break in late July or August known as the “little dry.” Belize has hurricane season, and while statistically it does not attract many major direct hits. It experiences severe tropical weather with high winds and rain.

This would be a good place to take your children when you are older. Kids are very interested in scuba diving and playing on the beach and just always having stuff to do. Belize has a lot of activities to do such as go cave tubing, hiking, snorkeling, horseback riding, canoeing, zip lining and so much more. Would be a great place if you are a person interested in nature and being adventures. There are so many different sorts of animals and amazing hiking paths. I would love to take a visit to Belize and experience there food and do all sorts of different things.

Calvin’s Blog

Calvin only had a couple of posts for his final but not to many. While I was scrolling through Calvin’s blog it looks like he talks about Acquinime. Was created by combining his Cambodian name and anime. He expresses his personal thoughts about anime and he talks about this in case anyone else is interested in this topic. He talks about how in his final project he is not trying to accomplish anything. He just wants to give out his honest opinion and guide the audience about why he chose to make his blog about anime and his common interests about it.

Calvin talks about how they host special events around the world, for example Los Angeles that have events called “Comic Con”. Where people dress up as there favorite characters and interact with others who share same interests. Anime is worldwide and has been popular for decades.

One of Calvin’s all time favorite anime show is One Punch Man. This is a heroes story and involves failure. The main character in the show is Saitama which is known as the “One Punch Man”. Saitama has always wanted to help the world and always wants to do something that is fun and that is what he always did. Calvin’s thoughts on this show is that knowing what Saitama’s thoughts and beliefs are made Calvin think about his. It had brought his self into consider that in order to be what you want it would need training and heart. Himself and the creator have a personal interest of strength and hope.

Another one of Calvin’s favorite anime shows is called Hunter X Hunter. This show is about a young man named Gon Freecss with a big dream. His dream is to be just like his father which is a hunter. All of the characters have very unique strengths and powers that entertain Calvin. He always likes the action, thrills and adventuring shows and movies or even books. Calvin says that strength and knowledge is his favorite mix of powers. Hunter X Hunter is a show that actually plays a role in Calvin’s childhood and fantasy.

Lastly another one of Calvin’s shows is called My Hero Academia. This show is on a man named Izuku Midoriya with no special quirk/ powers, but he is one of many to be handed down or given a power all wish to have. Calvin’s thoughts on this show is that something you strive to even have the slightest belief in is an important part in your life whether good or bad. He believes that if there is something you have always wanted your entire life he suggest you go for it because you may or may not be given a second chance.

Me personally had no clue what any of this was about when I first opened his blog. I dint even know how to correctly say the title of his final posts. It is interesting though to read about it and how much knowledge Calvin has on all these shows and characters.

Brian’s Blog

Visiting Brian’s blog I noticed he talks a lot about Kpop. Kpop is also known as Korean Pop.  Brian’s blog is well organized and easy to understand where to go to find his blogs. Brian talks about Kpop vs regular pop, his favorite Kpop groups, why people dislike Kpop, recommendations for Kpop, etc.

Brian talks about Kpop’s difference from normal pop. Normal pop has a thing where once  a song goes big then many other artists try to make a spin off the song. Kpop has a lot of different styles of music that goes with the concept of the group. Kpop they incorporate many different styles of music rather than just sticking to hip hop where some try to do either hip hop or R&B, some do rock and so on.

Brian’s favorite boy groups as of now has to go to BTS in third because they’ve been his favorite for some times now where he listens to them to much so getting a little sick of it. For his second favorite Kpop boy group has to be NCT 127. NCT U for him would be his second of the 3 subunits. NCT DREAM he cannot get into because he does not like male cutesy concepts. His first of those 3 is NCT 127. His favorite girl group has to be EXID. His second favorite is MAMAMOO. MAMAMOO is one of the most powerful Kpop group to exist.

Brian asked some people why they may dislike Kpop and they said “it is disgusting”. Another reason people don’t like Kpop is because it is childish and or at least thought so.

Kpop’s impact on Brian is that he has been listening to it for 6+ years and a lot has changed in him since. Kpop has shaped him into who he is today. Kpop is his inspirations for his outfits. When he looked at his outfits from when he was younger to now he noticed his style has changed significantly.  Kpop has helped him through tough times and some bonding with friends. He found a friend that also liked listening to Kpop as well and they became really good friends. One reason that he really enjoys Kpop is that is has helped him though bad days, tough times, sad days etc. When he is bored he listens to Kpop to ease is boredom. Kpop keeps him occupied all the time when he is just sitting home not doing anything. Kpop overall has really just shaped him into who he is today. Some of which he is proud of and some of which he has probably seen better days.

Mostly reading Brian’s blog I notice in him that he knows a lot about Kpop and listens to it a lot throughout his life time. I have never listened to Kpop I have always been interested in hip hop or rap more stuff like that because I really like the up beat music and  most of my friends as well listen to the same music as me. I have never met a person who listens to Kpop or even knew what Kpop was but I learned something new today and wouldn’t mind listening to some Kpop to see what it is like.


California I visited when I was younger. I went with my family and some of my family friends. I did a lot of laying out on the beach and did some surfing. I love to surf and just go out in the ocean. When I was first taught how to surf by my uncle who lives in South Carolina I was very frustrated because I couldn’t ever stay up on my board and also falling into the water and getting salt all in my mouth. After a couple of tries I was starting to finally get it. Then once you have it down you feel comfortable it. I was surfing in California a lot and and just relaxing on the beach.

The food in California is not to much different than Minnesota just there seafood is obviously more fresh and tastes amazing. California is all about celebrities I feel. I think that if you are going to go to California you will most likely see someone who is famous walking around, but there it isn’t a big deal if you see one because you see them all the time if you live there. One of my friends met a famous person they were following off of Instagram and took a picture with them but it is like there just all around there. California is a very wealthy state. If you want to live there you most likely better be making good money. That is why most famous people live there but they are up in the gated communities. California has beautiful beaches and the weather is great but not as great as some other places. Cali is all about looking good there and dressing very classy. I was younger when I went so I didn’t really care to much about what I looked like. While my family and I was out I noticed that I was way under dressed than a lot of people who were eating or just walking down the street. When I was in Jamaica nobody was ever dressed up. Most people just had shorts and a shirt on but Jamaica is also a very poor country but I just never felt like I needed to look good when I was there. Opposite was for Cali I just wasn’t used to that type of lifestyle and what people could afford there.

If you are looking to just go on vacation for weather or to be on the beach Cali would be good but I would rather go out of US and try to go for a different country. I will admit that Cali is a very popular state and is beautiful with a lot of fun and adventures things to do there but if you are looking for hiking I don’t think California would be the place for that. I think if you are looking to go shopping or go to night clubs with a bunch of friends and want to go someone different than the state you live in than Cali would be the place for that.


Located in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean is Fiji. Fiji reminds me a lot of Bora Bora they both have the huts on the water and the ocean looks just as beautiful at both places. Fiji is the place to relax and have everyone take care of you. You are able to go snorkeling, surf, kayak, ride horses along the beach, etc.

Fiji is known for the best foods in the South Pacific thanks to the Indian, Southeast Asian,  and Chinese influences blended with Melanesian staples like taro, tropical fruits, coconut, pork and seafood. Lunch there is usually dalo leaves, cassava or some fresh fish soup. Dinner is usually stew, curry or soup made from meat/fish or chicken. Stews are made from meat, potatoes and vegetables, most meals there are often very healthy. A very commonly eaton food there is called Topoi or simply a long loaf of Fiji style bread. The bread is spread with butter or jam and eaten with a cup of tea that can be black tea.

One of the most famous resort to stay at is the Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort. It is located near the Coral Coast. Location with a beautiful beach front view and home to the reward of winning Bebe Day Spa which is one of Fiji’s finest Day Spas. The resort includes complimentary welcome drinks on arrival, quest escorts, cultural tours, and as well as champagne delivered to your door each afternoon. Served with amazing food, fresh fruits, and smoothies.

Temperature stay pretty constant throughout the year, with highs reaching in the 80’s. However from November-April you might have to deal with some tropical storms. Peak season occurs between July and September when the weather is sunny and dry. Fiji is a warm tropical climate perfect for beachside holidays. The rainy season runs from December to April where temperatures can reach up to 95 degrees Fahrenheit with late afternoon showers. Fiji offers a climate with higher humidity and rain during the summer and lower temperatures with dry air in the winter.

Fiji would for sure be a place I would be interested in as well. I would love to go far from the US. Like most people visit Isla, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Florida, California, etc. Those are all amazing places but not a lot of people visit Bora Bora or Fiji that far out in the ocean. I think it would be a great adventure to see what the ocean is like out in the middle of the globe and to see what people are like. People who live on those islands never get to go snowboarding or skating and I think it would be a good experience to talk to those people about it. Some of them wish that they had snow and I think it is amazing how big of lifestyles people live differently and what they want versus how we want to live. Overall Fiji would be a beautiful island to go visit and not that long of flight if you are able to sleep the whole time.

Dominican Republic

If you are wanting to have an epic island road trip then this blog would be a great one to read into. This blog talks about jessie’s journey to the Dominican Republic. Punta Cana is the most popular resort to stay at. It is a beautiful beachfront resort with an amazing view to look outside your window. Around 6 am is when sunrise is beginning and the sky is a beautiful orangish and neon yellow color. Most people love to have a room right not he beach so they can hear the waves in the morning and see the view when they walk up.

If you are an adventures and love nature then this place would be a great place to visit. You can go hiking but you will need water shoes because your feet will get really wet an there are waterfalls that you are able to stop at and take a picture of. As well as giant rich formations that create natural arches and slides for fun dip in the water. There are tons of wildlife to explore as well. They have bats, crabs, pelicans, flamingos, frigates, iguanas,  rhinoceros, etc. The view is amazing up in the mountains if you go hiking or take a drive up there you are able to see the whole ocean and take pictures of the view. Snorkeling would be fun to do in the water because it is so clear and crystal blue so you are able to see a far distance under water and see all the wildlife and sea animals.

People all over some to the Dominican to be on the amazing beaches. The Dominican is known for being called the endless summer because the weather is about 77 degrees Fahrenheit all year around. Dominican is located where hurricanes occur during the seasons from beginning of June to end of November. I would prefer to take a trip to the Dominican during December-February would be a great time because it is still cold in Minnesota. The humidity is very hot during the night time but temperature can go down to 72 degrees. The average high temperature averages around 90 degrees during summer from May-October which can get very hot with humidity as well. During night late night beach walks would be fun because the temperature is still warm and you are able to go see the beach at night and relax in the cool weather.

The smoothies, wine, food and more are amazing. They have watermelon smoothies, herb-infused goat cheese, croquettes, shredded chicken, with so much more tasty things to eat and drink. Dominican Republic would be a great trip with friends or your husband just to relax. Go out and have fun with your friends adventure a new country and see what it is like to try new foods. It is also needed though to just relax on the beach and soak up the hot sun. Vacations are mostly spent to relax and not worry about things going on at home and the Dominican would be a great place to enjoy life for a while.


When I was very very little my family and I used to always go to Florida. We once stayed down there for 3 months because my aunt had a house down there that we always would stay in. When I was little little we would always go to Pensacola FL. I have seen multiple pictures that my mom showed me when I was little of me being on the beach with my sister. We went with my moms side of the family and had a big group which was really fun. I always was drinking a Pina Colada and sitting on the beach in my little swimming suit. My family and my moms side of the family have talked a lot about going again soon this year or next because it has been so long since we have gone. It is hard to remember trips like that when you are little. My parents always talk about things we did there and how much they enjoyed doing something and I can never remember because I was so little so it is hard for me to think bad that far. I just wish we will go soon again because the beaches looked so white and pretty when I looked at pictures at my house.

My parents told me that there slushes there were so good and there food was amazing as well. They have underwater bars that my parents went to and it was nice to relax in the water and also be sitting at the bar without having to get out of the water. My dad talked about how when we would always order someone to eat he got meat that was grilled because there grilled food was very well cooked and tasted very good. My mom also said that there rice they made with shrimp or lobster was so good. The cause that was on the rice with beans in it as well was freshly cooked and just tasted like you were on vacation. One thing that my mom talked about was getting boiled peanuts in Florida and they thought they would not taste good but my mom said that is a very popular food there and it was good they weren’t expecting it to taste that good.

Fun things I did in Florida was go to my a wedding. It was right on the beach while sunset was occurring and it was just an amazing wedding to be apart of. There were a bunch of friends that came but I didn’t know most of them because I was so little. They had it right by the ocean and we all wore coral dresses and it was just a fun place to get married. I have thought about if I ever got married I would want to get married on a beach with everyone wearing sun dresses and having it be a laid back wedding. I would really enjoy that and I love to travel so I would love doing that just one thing that is tough are the people who are able to come and who can afford to come. Florida is an amazing place that I think everyone at least has to visit once in there lift time.

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