Belize would be another amazing place I would like to visit. I have a friend who has a house in Belize and they stay there every year right on the beach. The pictures that I have seen from her being there just looked amazing. They have huts on the water and the view just looked so beautiful.

Belize is located in Central America and it is bordered to the north by Mexico, to the south and west by Guatemala and to the east by the Caribbean Sea. Belize is a diverse country with various cultures and languages. They also have the lowest population density in Central America with 35 people per square mile or 14 people per square kilometer.

Belize is known for its scuba diving sites. The Blue Hole, one of the worlds most popular sinkhole, it is a famous dive spot. Belize’s jungle is known for wild cats, m including jaguars and ocelots. Rice and beans is no doubt the most abundant meal in Belize. Stew Chicken is another dish that arrives on the table without even asking.

Belize has amazing crystal blue waters that people come and lay on the beach to look at. People in Belize speak English, but do not be surprised if you hear some German, French,  and do not be surprised if you hear some Chinese spoken throughout your visit. Belize people make you feel very welcomed when you arrive and very comparable like no where else you have been.

One of the nicest things about visiting Belize is the weather. Has an average yearly temperature of 84° F, it is always warm, yet comfortable. Costal sea breezes as well as the jungle and rainforests keeps you cool even in the hottest summer months while winters can be cool but never very cold. The climate is pretty much near perfect. Even in winter November-March the temperature in Belize rarely falls below 60°F. The summers May-September is around 86°F. Humidity is also fairly consistent at around 85 percent.
Belize’s dry season is between February and May. When it does rain, it is usually in mild, short periods. June through December is there wet season. The most frequent rainfall usually happens in June or early July and is punctuated by a break in late July or August known as the “little dry.” Belize has hurricane season, and while statistically it does not attract many major direct hits. It experiences severe tropical weather with high winds and rain.

This would be a good place to take your children when you are older. Kids are very interested in scuba diving and playing on the beach and just always having stuff to do. Belize has a lot of activities to do such as go cave tubing, hiking, snorkeling, horseback riding, canoeing, zip lining and so much more. Would be a great place if you are a person interested in nature and being adventures. There are so many different sorts of animals and amazing hiking paths. I would love to take a visit to Belize and experience there food and do all sorts of different things.

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