When I was very very little my family and I used to always go to Florida. We once stayed down there for 3 months because my aunt had a house down there that we always would stay in. When I was little little we would always go to Pensacola FL. I have seen multiple pictures that my mom showed me when I was little of me being on the beach with my sister. We went with my moms side of the family and had a big group which was really fun. I always was drinking a Pina Colada and sitting on the beach in my little swimming suit. My family and my moms side of the family have talked a lot about going again soon this year or next because it has been so long since we have gone. It is hard to remember trips like that when you are little. My parents always talk about things we did there and how much they enjoyed doing something and I can never remember because I was so little so it is hard for me to think bad that far. I just wish we will go soon again because the beaches looked so white and pretty when I looked at pictures at my house.

My parents told me that there slushes there were so good and there food was amazing as well. They have underwater bars that my parents went to and it was nice to relax in the water and also be sitting at the bar without having to get out of the water. My dad talked about how when we would always order someone to eat he got meat that was grilled because there grilled food was very well cooked and tasted very good. My mom also said that there rice they made with shrimp or lobster was so good. The cause that was on the rice with beans in it as well was freshly cooked and just tasted like you were on vacation. One thing that my mom talked about was getting boiled peanuts in Florida and they thought they would not taste good but my mom said that is a very popular food there and it was good they weren’t expecting it to taste that good.

Fun things I did in Florida was go to my a wedding. It was right on the beach while sunset was occurring and it was just an amazing wedding to be apart of. There were a bunch of friends that came but I didn’t know most of them because I was so little. They had it right by the ocean and we all wore coral dresses and it was just a fun place to get married. I have thought about if I ever got married I would want to get married on a beach with everyone wearing sun dresses and having it be a laid back wedding. I would really enjoy that and I love to travel so I would love doing that just one thing that is tough are the people who are able to come and who can afford to come. Florida is an amazing place that I think everyone at least has to visit once in there lift time.

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