Located in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean is Fiji. Fiji reminds me a lot of Bora Bora they both have the huts on the water and the ocean looks just as beautiful at both places. Fiji is the place to relax and have everyone take care of you. You are able to go snorkeling, surf, kayak, ride horses along the beach, etc.

Fiji is known for the best foods in the South Pacific thanks to the Indian, Southeast Asian,  and Chinese influences blended with Melanesian staples like taro, tropical fruits, coconut, pork and seafood. Lunch there is usually dalo leaves, cassava or some fresh fish soup. Dinner is usually stew, curry or soup made from meat/fish or chicken. Stews are made from meat, potatoes and vegetables, most meals there are often very healthy. A very commonly eaton food there is called Topoi or simply a long loaf of Fiji style bread. The bread is spread with butter or jam and eaten with a cup of tea that can be black tea.

One of the most famous resort to stay at is the Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort. It is located near the Coral Coast. Location with a beautiful beach front view and home to the reward of winning Bebe Day Spa which is one of Fiji’s finest Day Spas. The resort includes complimentary welcome drinks on arrival, quest escorts, cultural tours, and as well as champagne delivered to your door each afternoon. Served with amazing food, fresh fruits, and smoothies.

Temperature stay pretty constant throughout the year, with highs reaching in the 80’s. However from November-April you might have to deal with some tropical storms. Peak season occurs between July and September when the weather is sunny and dry. Fiji is a warm tropical climate perfect for beachside holidays. The rainy season runs from December to April where temperatures can reach up to 95 degrees Fahrenheit with late afternoon showers. Fiji offers a climate with higher humidity and rain during the summer and lower temperatures with dry air in the winter.

Fiji would for sure be a place I would be interested in as well. I would love to go far from the US. Like most people visit Isla, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Florida, California, etc. Those are all amazing places but not a lot of people visit Bora Bora or Fiji that far out in the ocean. I think it would be a great adventure to see what the ocean is like out in the middle of the globe and to see what people are like. People who live on those islands never get to go snowboarding or skating and I think it would be a good experience to talk to those people about it. Some of them wish that they had snow and I think it is amazing how big of lifestyles people live differently and what they want versus how we want to live. Overall Fiji would be a beautiful island to go visit and not that long of flight if you are able to sleep the whole time.

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